Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Security Advisor

A security advisor is responsible for security procedures in the organization, and coordinates the physical security issues, employee reliability, access control, information security, compartmentalization, prevention of information leakage and fraud prevention.

We, at Renzone Consulting, provide companies / enterprises / organizations with an outsourced security consultant on a monthly retainer basis. Our security consultants are veterans of elite units and have extensive experience in securing facilities and managing teams. These security advisors are subordinate to the organization’s management, but are constantly under the supervision of our office

Security Surveys

Security surveys are performed in cases where the level of security in the organization needs to be upgraded and in cases of physical security problems and failures related to information leakage. A security survey includes full security audit, employee interviews and security procedures checks. During the survey, we learn physically about the security situation in the organization, perform observations, and locate the “holes” in security. At the end of the survey we will present a report detailing the deficiencies and our recommendations. If necessary, we will continue to accompany the organization with the needed implementation

Intelligence And Surveillance Courses

We provide intelligence, surveillance and counter surveillance courses with theoretical and operational content (including field training) to institutional bodies and private organizations around the world. Each course is built individually according to the demands of the client. Training for external government institutions are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. We have over 25 years of experience in intelligence law enforcement training.

Among our courses:

  • Physical Surveillance Courses
  • Observation Courses
  • Counter Surveillance Courses
  • Security Awareness Courses for business people and institutions in relation to threats of terrorism and personal security
  • Krav Maga and Self-Defense Seminars
  • Operational Driving

We can provide courses in the following languages: English, Spanish, French and Hebrew

Safe Travel

Planning secret business trips for various purposes is a field that has been gaining momentum in recent years. We advise our clients on what precautions to take to secure them and the data that they are carrying during their journey. This includes, inter alia, route planning, setting schedules, brief about the political situation at destination, equipment security, including computers and mobile phones, assistance in selecting suitable hotels and planning rescue from the destination if necessary. We are able to provide a local contact person or personal escort, if necessary