International Investigations

Our firm conducts international investigations that span different countries and focus on a variety of issues. In each investigation, we employ experts from different fields in order to get to the truth and to the information requested by the client . Renzone Consulting has extensive connections in more than 100 countries. There for we are able to deal with complex investigations that take place simultaneously in several locations around the world

Financial Investigations

Financial investigations will reveale the economic situation of the subject. As part of the investigation we will examine financial information, financial reliability and economic stability. Financial investigations are usually carried out for the purpose of foreclosure of assets, for detecting money smuggling, in order to evaluate the financial estimations of a private person or a company, before merging companies and for various legal needs

Background Checks

Background checks are intended to verify the identity of the subject, his reliability and suitability to the need required by the client. We perform background checks prior to marriage, prior to a business engagement, or for the purpose of staffing trust positions. Background checks include CV and academic title’s verification, credit check, negative past review, including criminal history and legal information. Background checks are widely accepted today due to multiple cases of identity theft, duplication of personal information and fraud on the Internet

Asset Tracing

Asset tracing is required in the following cases: Implementation of judgments and locating property of debtors, tracking the path of property smuggling, family disputes and inheritance.

We are able to locate bank accounts, real estate, companies, family funds and valuable art items. We have extensive experience in locating properties in countries considered to be tax havens such as: Panama, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Virgin Islands, Gibraltar and Cyprus

Missing Persons

Our office specializes in locating missing persons of different types: travelers whose trail disappeared for various reasons, individuals who chose or were forced to sever contact with their relatives and “disappear”, those with financial obligations who changed their identity and went underground and abducted minors. We can locate missing persons in many countries by working closely with local authorities, government sources and contacts on our behalf. We can also run local search teams if necessary


The surveillance tool is one of the oldest and most reliable methods of collecting physical intelligence. By doing surveillance we are able to see and collect, by eye contact, information about the subject, his activity and movement from one point to another. With the surveillance tool we can record the subject’s daily schedule and standard of living.

Surveillance is required for almost any purpose of data collection and verification. Usually in family files and in order to bring legal evidence from the field in a covered manner. We conduct surveillance around the clock and anywhere in the world