Business & Corporate

Business & Corporate

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber intelligence is a generic name for the following services that we provide:

  • Penetration testing for the company’s computers and networks
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Internet Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Locating “Trojans” and malware on mobile phones
  • Data Recovery
  • Identifying fake profiles on the web and fake news

Our teams of experts, including cyber experts, information security experts and computer crime investigation experts, have extensive experience in performing these tests and process the most advanced equipment in the field

Fraud Detection

When a suspicion or alert about a possible fraud or any kind of irregularity accrues, and we are required to find the reason or the suspect, we will use investigative tools as well as technological and intelligence tools to collect evidence.
For this purpose, we will carry out observations, open and covert surveys, we’ll use various investigative tools, such as frontal investigations against potential suspects or collaborators, implant an undercover worker using human intelligence and other tactics.
Following the results of our checks, we will recommend to the organization how to proceed

Business & Competative Intelligence

Business intelligence is open information which is being collected on the “other side”.
The information will usually refer to the structure and turnovers of the company, the directors and managers, strategies and trends, decision-making methods, collaborations, etc.
With the help of business intelligence, the client will be exposed to information that may help him in making important organizational decisions. We in Renzone Consulting believe that business intelligence gathering should be combined with additional intelligence gathering tools to achieve full results

Employee Screening

Employee screening is intended to identify employees with a negative background, candidates that are suspected in giving false resumes, or employees that are operated by an external body to act as a “Trojan horse” in order to collect information from the organization. We recommend checking the candidates before recruiting them to the company, especially candidates in key positions who are exposed to sensitive information in the organization. In recent years, many organizations, such as governments and banks, are required by their regulator to set a procedure of employee screening

Due Diligence

Due diligence is usually carried out before entering into a business partnership or in the process of M&A between companies or entities. Due diligence check on the candidate company and its head of staff will verify the company’s details, its legal background, its reputation and reliability, in order to provide peace of mind to the client. Our due diligence work combines desk and field gathering work. In cases where deeper financial due diligence is required, we will use a CPA on our behalf